Kim Seng Heng KSH

The natural resources and immovable property on face of earth refer to real estate, though more commonly the business refers to houses, buildings, and property. Buying, selling and the renting of land, houses, and buildings, all refer to the business of real estates. But the business of real estates needs to be trusted to organizations and individuals that have a lot of expertise in the matter. The developer for Rio Casa Riverfront Residences is KSH Kim Seng Heng Holdings as well as Oxley Holdings.

This is not job for amateur and one such important name in business is KHS Holdings Ltd. Kim Seng Heng is trusted organization involved in construction and engineering of buildings. The organization is based in Singapore but conducts operations overseas as well.

KSH Developer Riverfront Residences Hougang

Let us know a few important details about the company. Kim Seng Heng Engineering Construction …

Oxley Holdings

Oxley holdings is a homegrown company originating from Singapore that deals with property development and property investment as a principle function. The company operates across eight geographical markets involving a number of countries. The group is well established with property development projects in the UK, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Ireland, China and Indonesia and also have investment projects running in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan. This Group also functions to provide the best project management and also consultancy services across Myanmar.

Oxley Holdings Joint Venture Rio Casa Enbloc

Oxley holdings has its headquarters in Singapore and the CEO is Ching Chiat Kwong, where it was officially registered as a public company in October 2010 and named to be Oxley Holdings Limited. As now Oxley Holdings Limited, the company was listed on the SGX Catalist by October 2010, after which it made its transfer of the listing to SGX Mainboard by February …

Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall is a shopping mall found in Hougang, Singapore. It came to function back in 1997 under the name NTUC Hougang Mall. NTUC was dropped from the name to remain as just Hougang Mall. It is owned by ARMF Private Limited and is managed by AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd. Hougang Mall offers 134 stores and services. The mall boasts of a 217,000 square feet area and a conspicuous 7 story work of pure architecture. The mall offers a large parking space of about 152 car park lots at basement 2. Parking charges are however incurred and with a grace period of the first ten minutes since entry. Hougang Mall stands near Hougang Central Bus Interchange and Hougang MRT station. Fake Watches

Riverfront Residences Minutes away Tampines Ave 11 Tender from Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall has been subject to major renovations and a major one was seen in 2006, …

Lian Beng Property Developer

Lian Beng is a leading family-owned construction company headquartered in Singapore that has been providing quality construction and civil engineering related services and products since 1973. Boasting over 42 years of experience, Lian Beng developer enjoys a transnational credibility in the provision of world-class construction services. It’s one of the most experienced Zion Road Condo and trustworthy construction company in Singapore that not only works with talented building contractors but also has well-trained civil engineers. The company’s area of specialties extends from handling residential construction projects to commercial and industrial construction projects to civil engineering projects.

Lian Beng Property Developer

Lian Beng holds an A1 grade contractor certification in General Building and A2 grade in Civil Engineering. So, it’s capable of handling civil engineering projects with a contract value of $85 million and placing tenders for building Tampines Ave 11 Condo projects with indefinite value. Over the years Lian Beng …