Paya Lebar Airspace Relocating

Vision 2030 means a lot more now after the now popular parliamentary address of MP Christopher de Souza’s who just confirmed the exact plans they have for the Paya Lebar Airspace. With the ability to expound and avail space in over 800ha in development, the land which has been for use been used as a military base in the eastern part of Singapore is set to be released for public use with the relocation of Paya Lebar Airspace. Paya Lebar Airspace is located near to Riverfront Residences Hougang by Oxley Holdings. Please see makeover tips for your home as well as gardening tips for your home.

Paya Lebar Airbase Located Near to Hougang

First heard in the year 2013, for safety reasons land that had boarded the military base had been under restrictions for the sake of sky safety. To compensate in this, the East Changi Airbase and the Tengah Airbase are set to be expanded to accommodate the various assets that will be moved from Paya Lebar Airspace and act as a replacement. Please see

As a show of the seriousness on the relocation, a new runway at the Changi Airbase is currently under construction to move the airspace completely. In tandem with this, major changes in relaxation of the navigational safety for aircraft are being seen, meaning that current low-rise buildings may be up for redeveloped.

Paya Lebar Airbase Located Near to Hougang Town

Expected to be realized in vision 2030 and beyond, the movement is set free up massive lands that is only comparable to areas that are bigger than Hougang Town and Bishan areas. The moves aim is to offer land for the utilization for new homes, offices and factories, a fact first announced by long servicing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his 2013 National Day Rally speech bringing forth opportunities for development of new living environment, factories and communities.

What Paya Lebar Airspace move means

A massive increase in land prices and development in this eastern part of Singapore is expected as the government turns its attention to this area. From allowance of redeveloping areas that had previously one story houses to the expansion of roads and schools, this area will be a business magnet for new investment in the real estate industry.

Unfortunately, experts fully disagree with the expectation of a boom in this area and for good reason. Having been used as a military base for years, not all is glossy as even with government input as the area has a lot more work to meet current Singapore living standards. Needless to say it might take years for the freed up Paya Lebar Airspace land to reach its full potential.