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The natural resources and immovable property on face of earth refer to real estate, though more commonly the business refers to houses, buildings, and property. Buying, selling and the renting of land, houses, and buildings, all refer to the business of real estates. But the business of real estates needs to be trusted to organizations and individuals that have a lot of expertise in the matter. The developer for Rio Casa Riverfront Residences is KSH Kim Seng Heng Holdings as well as Oxley Holdings.

This is not job for amateur and one such important name in business is KHS Holdings Ltd. Kim Seng Heng is trusted organization involved in construction and engineering of buildings. The organization is based in Singapore but conducts operations overseas as well.

KSH Developer Riverfront Residences Hougang

Let us know a few important details about the company. Kim Seng Heng Engineering Construction was founded in 1979, with headquarters in Singapore and constructs commercial buildings and cultural centers.

The company visualizes to be the leading building and construction services in Singapore. The company also visualizes to sizeable investor the region in terms of property development.

The company is vested in making its contribution to economic and social benefits to the society. The company is making progress in providing high-quality services and cost effective solutions to property development in the region.

KSH Oxley Holdings Rio Casa Enbloc

The company is also involved in bringing in innovative technologies in the market and dealing the customer’s requirements with a professional manner. The best available resources all around the world are brought together in property business and is continuous growth and improvement in processes and excellence is achieved.

Important projects
The company has been involved in several important projects in the past that have brought it widespread fame and popularity. Among them are the Fullerton Bay Hotel, the Suntec City, the Far East Square, the Craig Place, and the Paradiz Centre as the main commercial buildings. Industrial constructions include MUH, Forte, Platinum 28 and Tradelink Place. Among institutional buildings are Mount Alvernia Hospital, Cinnamon and Tembusu, Basic Rescue Training Centre and Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre. The residential projects are Ardmore Three, Seastrand, Seascape, The Coast, The Berthside and The Marine Collection. All of these projects have been sensational as well as quite successful and add to the structural beauty of the place.

Riverfront Residences

Among the current projects that have been undertaken by the company are the King Albert Park, the United World College, Q Bay Residences and Bedok Integrated COmplex and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. All of these buildings are being integrated with latest technologies and will feature some of the best design and engineering solutions.

Considering all the niches, KSH Holdings Limited is one of the most efficient constructions and engineering companies in real estate.

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