New EC site at Bukit Batok West Ave 5 Launched for Tender

The Housing and also Development Board (HDB) has actually launched a new exec condominium (EC) website at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 for tender on the validated Government Land Sales (GLS) list on June 28. The 99-year leasehold story rests on a land area of 179,000 sq ft and also will certainly have a maximum permitted built-up area of 536,800 sq ft, based on the gross story proportion of 3.0, says HDB.

OrangeTee & Tie CEO Steven Tan expects the advancement to produce a total amount of 495 units. “There is just one finished EC development within Bukit Batok, The Dew, which has a resale price of $1,024 psf based upon this year’s data,” he includes.

One more surrounding plot at Bukit Batok Avenue 8 attracted an overall of nine quotes as well as was awarded to a QingJian Realty and also Santarli Construction joint venture in March, marking a …

Retail Space Available For Sale

When you are getting ready to design your business space, do not forget to consider both retail space, and residential space. Retail space is generally speaking used by businesses that have a physical presence. This could be a supermarket, or it could be a shopping center or any other type of retail space. In short, retail space is what is found inside of your business. It will generally include individual offices, and cubicles for the higher up at the company, and conference or meeting rooms.

Now let’s take a look at retail space design. This is also known as architecture. And in some cases, it is even more complex than just designing the layout of the store itself. For example, when it comes to an apartment building, or a condo complex, the interior design of that particular building must go along with the overall scheme of the entire building. …

Signature Dishes at Newton Food Centre

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Newton Food Centre is located in the middle of Singapore. This mall is renowned for its wide collection of national and international brands, specialty shops, bars & restaurants. With a range of more than 300 restaurants, this mall is an ideal place to enjoy food with friends or family. The mall offers a vibrant marketplace with several hawkers & stalls offering local delights & Seafood.

Fresh seafood is available at the various stalls including the “Pizza Port”. The seafood buffet on weekends can be very popular with families as it offers freshly prepared seafood, fresh vegetables and a variety of traditional & international dishes. For seafood lovers, the buffet is also a great option as it offers a variety of fresh fish such as Halibut, King Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna, Pink Salmon, etc. Some of the popular dishes include Halibut with Prawns, Sea Bass fillet, …

How to Increase The Rental For Your Property Investment

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If you are looking to get the best return for your investment in a residential property, then you must know how to increase property rental rates. The cost of renting out a residential property is one of the most important factors that influence your profit margin. If you think that the property market is at its lowest point, then you should also know how to increase property rental rate. Here are some of the effective ways on how you can reduce the expenses that you will incur when you rent out your properties.

Check your rental contracts – You need to check your rental contracts thoroughly so that you will know what is expected of you from the moment you occupy a property. For example, if you have a lease contract that has a fixed rental rate, it may be difficult to change later. It …

Paya Lebar Airspace Relocating

Vision 2030 means a lot more now after the now popular parliamentary address of MP Christopher de Souza’s who just confirmed the exact plans they have for the Paya Lebar Airspace. With the ability to expound and avail space in over 800ha in development, the land which has been for use been used as a military base in the eastern part of Singapore is set to be released for public use with the relocation of Paya Lebar Airspace. Paya Lebar Airspace is located near to Riverfront Residences Hougang by Oxley Holdings. Please see makeover tips for your home as well as gardening tips for your home.

Paya Lebar Airbase Located Near to Hougang

First heard in the year 2013, for safety reasons land that had boarded the military base had been under restrictions for the sake of sky safety. To compensate in this, the East Changi Airbase and the Tengah …

Cross Island Line MRT

The Cross Island Line (CRL) is a planned railway line in Singapore. It will be approximately 50km and should be completed by 2030. The railway line will start from Changi to Jurongi. It will pass through West Caost, Clementi, Bukit Timah, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Paris Ris, and Loyang. With an expected daily ridership of more than 600,000 commuters, it will have a higher usage and capacity than the North East Line. The Cross Island Line is located near to Riverfront Residences Hougang by Oxley Holdings.

Cross Island Line MRT East and West Singapore

The Crossing Island Line will provide faster travel between the west and the east in Singapore. Time will be saved as it will connect almost half of the 30 CRL stations and all existing radial MRT lines. More travel routes will be available to commuters. Additionally, CRL will relieve existing MRT lines of their load. The …

Hougang Park Connector Visitor Attraction

There are thousands of famous parks all over the world. They claim to be wondrous, full of adventure, diverse ecosystem, lustrous nature and a beauty to be proud of. One of the many parks in Singapore that is considered a wonderful place and an attraction worth visiting for is the Hougang Park Connector. The park is located in Hougang Avenue 3 before ending at the Airport road. The park is linked to four other parks namely: Serangoon Park, Punggol Park, Kallang Park, and Coney Island Park. These parks are connected through loops and park connectors. Hougang Park Connector is located near to Riverfront Residences by Oxley Holdings.

Hougang Park Connector Visitor Attraction

The Hougang Park Connector has a variety of special features, tourist attractions, and nature and waterway sites. One of the wonders of the park is the Singapore Botanic Garden. The garden is a star visitor attraction for local …

Latest Information on Riverfront Residences

*1Br: 463sf*
Low Floor: $600,000 ($1296 psf) landed view
Mid Floor: $615,000($1328 psf)landed view
High Floor: $618,000 ($1335 psf) HDB view

???? *1+Study: 517sf* HDB view
Low floor fm $668,000 ($1292 psf)
Mid Floor: $685,000 ($1325 psf)
High Floor: $691,000 ($1337 psf)

???? *2Br + 1 Bath: 603sf* HDB/Landed view
Low Floor: $774,000 ($1284 psf)
Mid Floor: $802,000 ($1330 psf) Hdb view
High Floor: $811,000 ($1345 psf) landed/HDB view

???? *2Br Premium: 721/872/915sf*
Botanic Cove view with 75m long pool
Low Floor: $898,000 ($1245 psf)
Mid Floor: $910,000 ($1245 psf)
High Floor: $926,000 ($1284 psf)

???? *3Br: 872/915sf*
Low Floor: greenery/landed view$1,092,000 ($1252 psf)
Mid Floor: $1,113,000 ($1276 psf)
High Floor: $1,128,000 ($1294 psf)

???? *3Br Premium: 1066/1109sf* River liftstyle cove
Low Floor: $1,286, 000 ($1206 psf)
Mid Floor: $1,355,000 ($1271 psf)
High Floor: $1,359,000 ($1275 psf)

???? *4Br: 1410sf* Mangrove Resort Cove
Low Floor: $1,725,000 ($1223 psf)
Mid Floor: …

Enbloc Dealers in Singapore Process

Are you an Enblocs dealer? Do you want to generate millions from these deals? Then making the correct decisions is the best choice to go for. But how do you make these decisions? Worry no more! The collective sale guide provides the best solution for this. All your daily en bloc questions are answered in this guide through which you can make winning property decisions. These are discussed as follows:

Process for Enbloc Dealers in Singapore

1. Checking for the En Bloc Potentiality of your Condo

Use the en bloc calculator to check the age of the property, the units’ number and enhancement for the plot value.

2. Starting En Bloc Attempt

This is made successful by the election of the Collective Sale Committee at the General Meeting.

3. Failure to Get the Required Consenting Owners for going En Bloc

Automatic dissolution of the CSC will take place if the …

Collective Sales for Residential Properties in Hougang

The Collective Sale Enblocs Hillhaven market has seen an upward trend since 2017 and this year saw the second largest sale ever in the history with the sale of Pacific Mansion for $ 980 million along River Valley. The property owners are considering Park Hill the opportunity of earning prosperous deals after the en bloc sale of 15 properties in Q1 of 2018.

EdgeProp has built an en bloc calculator based on the logit model which determines the probability of a condo to be put for collective sale and the success of such sale depends upon three variables such as the number of units, enhancement of property value and property’s age.

Collective Sales Guide Singapore Properties

A Collective Sale Committee (CSC) should be elected by the owners at the General Meeting and the requisition of such meeting requires owners comprising 25 percent of the total owners ( in nos.) or …