Please kindly register for Riverfront Residences showflat. The showflat will have many different layouts available for your consideration. The layouts also features the finishes that will be used by the developer as well as some interior design ideas that buyers can seek once they have manged to secured their unit in Riverfront Residences.

Riverfront Residences Showflat at Hougang Avenue 7

Riverfront Residences showflat seeks to provide an all around views for buyers who are keen to know about the development. There are some pointers for interior designs such as glass partitions are usually used to separate the living area from bedrooms, giving illusion of more space in the living area. Buyers can also do up a wall mirror as well to make the interior look brighter which is what is depicted in Riverfront Residences showflat. There will also be white goods and customized furnitures available to give an accurate depiction of the space available in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen.

Some feedbacks from past showflats from potential buyers is that investors should disregard the furnishings and imagine if they can comfortably fit in a queen-size or king size bed. This is to suite to different lifestyle habits and small rooms might not be considered better if the unit is for your own stay.

Riverfront Residences Enbloc Oxley-Lian Beng Venture

Please kindly register your interest for the showflat viewing soon. Our appointed sales person will be in contact with you shortly.