Newton Food Centre is located in the middle of Singapore. This mall is renowned for its wide collection of national and international brands, specialty shops, bars & restaurants. With a range of more than 300 restaurants, this mall is an ideal place to enjoy food with friends or family. The mall offers a vibrant marketplace with several hawkers & stalls offering local delights & Seafood.

Fresh seafood is available at the various stalls including the “Pizza Port”. The seafood buffet on weekends can be very popular with families as it offers freshly prepared seafood, fresh vegetables and a variety of traditional & international dishes. For seafood lovers, the buffet is also a great option as it offers a variety of fresh fish such as Halibut, King Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna, Pink Salmon, etc. Some of the popular dishes include Halibut with Prawns, Sea Bass fillet, Crab cake & Chips, Salmon sandwich, Crab Cakes, Prime Rib, Mahi, Hoki, etc.

Apart from the wide variety of fresh fish, the center also offers sea food that is served on silverware. The seafood buffet is available throughout the day and is very popular among tourists. You can also get into the sea food fun by chartering boats and sailing across the Singapore River. Other attractions in the vicinity include the Orchard Road Market, which is known for daily fresh produce sales and the Emporium shopping centre which have various electronic gadgets and clothing stores.

Apart from hawker centres, there are many supermarkets at the Newton Food Centre including Brand New, Target, Tesco, Woolworths, and John Lewis. The centre has four big restaurants namely “The Cheesecake Factory”, “Yams Restaurant” and “Mango House”. The “Mango House” has an extensive collection of Indian, Chinese, and Thai foods. The “Yams Restaurant” serves Singapore’s famous chicken rice, noodles, and desserts.

The centre also houses a wide range of supermarkets and branded stores. The most popular brands at the Newton Food Centre are Woolworths, Target, and John Lewis. Apart from these, you will also find Big Bazaar, Carousel, petrol stations, and newsagents inside the mall. There are a number of posh malls within walking distance, and you can also find a plethora of hotels, motels, and apartments at this shopping centre.

The centre has three movie theatres called the Movie Factory and the cinemas. The “Cinema Village” has an extensive range of cinemas to watch. The “Movie Village” is the home of the classic as well as the latest Hollywood films. It has also been awarded the Best Shopping Centre in the 2021 Singapore Tourism Awards.

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to eat then you should go to the “Anal Foods” ateway. The “Anal Foods” ateway is the largest hawker centre in Singapore and is located within the Newton Food Centre. You will find an assortment of stalls selling different types of Asian and global foods. There are also food courts that sell fast food, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Italian cuisines.

Newton Food Centre is one of the best shopping centres in Singapore. You will find a wide array of stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, pubs and cafe’s here. The mall is also filled with malls and a lot of other attractions. The mall is one of the busiest in Singapore with a majority of its visitors going here to look at the various goods and services.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Food Hub are located at the same location. Both these places have great outdoor settings that attract many people during the peak tourist season. There are also other cultural events hosted here. The YMCA International Garden is located across the road from Newton. This centre is dedicated to promoting health and fitness and other social services. Other organisations like the YMCA International and the Orchard Road Health and Fitness Club are also located here.

If you want to get something nice to eat then you should go to the “Cafe Newton” at the corner of Newton Road and Offrance Road. This restaurant has an international feel with Japanese style tables. There are also a couple of Chinese restaurants here that serves some of the best Chinese food. You can ask for a vegetarian option if you do not like too much meat in your food. It has a large variety of fresh seafood and other local delights.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a very different kind of food from what the locals serve then you should check out the “Ximos” restaurant on Offrance Road. This restaurant has an Italian theme with Italian music playing all the time. Most of the Ximos restaurants are located near the center of town such as Robertson Quay and Robertson Beach. If you want to enjoy Singapore’s nightlife then you should check out the “Benny’s bar” on Prescription Road. This bar is known for its wide selection of international beers and wines.