Cross Island Line MRT

The Cross Island Line (CRL) is a planned railway line in Singapore. It will be approximately 50km and should be completed by 2030. The railway line will start from Changi to Jurongi. It will pass through West Caost, Clementi, Bukit Timah, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Paris Ris, and Loyang. With an expected daily ridership of more than 600,000 commuters, it will have a higher usage and capacity than the North East Line. The Cross Island Line is located near to Riverfront Residences Hougang by Oxley Holdings.

Cross Island Line MRT East and West Singapore

The Crossing Island Line will provide faster travel between the west and the east in Singapore. Time will be saved as it will connect almost half of the 30 CRL stations and all existing radial MRT lines. More travel routes will be available to commuters. Additionally, CRL will relieve existing MRT lines of their load. The end result is shorter journey times and comfort to commuters.

For example, a commuter will save half an hour or more traveling from Ang Mo Kio to any part of Singapore. Furthermore, a popular travel route, Punggol to Pasir Ris, will be available to commuters. The journey will take about 15 minutes, compared to the current 40 minutes by bus.

Cross Island Line Alignment Options

Two underground alignments in the CCNR’s (Central Catchment Nature Reserve) vicinity are being studied by the authorities. The study is to ensure the alignment option selected is made in a way it will best serve the public.

There are two alignment options:

1. Skirting alignment – It has tunnels skirting around the CCNR. The process involves constructing a 9km tunnel route under commercial and residential buildings.

2. Direct alignment – Within the CCNR there will be no physical structures on the surface. It will have a tunnel totaling 4km with 2km being directly below the CCNR.

Cross Island Line Located Near to Hougang

The two alignment options above had their site investigations completed in 2017. These investigations assessed feasibility of the CRL’s alignment options. The CCNR and its surroundings are ecologically sensitive areas. As such, the two alignment options are being studied using a robust two-phase Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process. The Cross Island MRT Line is located at

A decision is yet to be made on the best alignment to pursue. Take note that it is the first time EIA of this scale has been done for development of a railway line. All stakeholders will be consulted before deciding on the alignment to be used. The decision of the CRL alignment will also consider cost to taxpayers, impact on families and businesses, engineering feasibility, and length of commute

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