Hougang Town Facilities and Shopping Malls

It is one major urban centre found in Singapore. It has existed since 1977 when it started being developed and under continuous growth and upgrading to date. It is located along the North-east of the country on the geographical map. Hougang is famous for its huge numbers of people who are living in it. With a populace of about 225 000 individuals the centre has grown exceedingly in capacity. The of dwellers Hougang share an area of 13.93km2 that makes the total scope of the town. Many people do migrate into the town as it has proved to be a business hub.

Hougang Town Located Near to the City Fringe

Most industrial operations take place in this town at the end attracting more migrants from other regions into it. Hougang has a beautiful landscape with a serene environment for its inhabitants and visitors who come in for diverse reasons. This town is neighboured by other towns which include; Sengkang, Geylang, Paya, Toa Payoh, Serangoon, Lebar and Bedok. All the surrounding towns have trade relations to Hougang. Its area code is 19, this is to help identify it and distinguish it from other surrounding districts.

Hougang Mature Town Shopping Malls

Over the years, the urban zone has set up itself as an independent town. The town has facilities that range in measure and give it its own identity. The shopping malls that that are well established in the town bring together traders who come to the town for business and in order to meet their needs. Social activities also spring from Hougang as social gatherings are witnessed in the various community halls present. Sorting activities are also very common.

Medical resources are also easy to access while in Hougang. Some of the health projects found here include mental health and leprosy facilities. With all these in place, the transport industry has flourished in the town as it links many to this major terminal. Housing structures in Hougang have a peculiar design that cannot be ignored. They have been built having a distinct upper circle.

Hougang Business Centres and Housing Available

Apart from being a business centre, the centre has also come up as an educational centre. Many have passed through their education system. Their system runs from primary schools, secondary schools to colleges. The number of the colleges is low and the government of the town is working towards increasing them in order to encourage tertiary education.

In terms of governance, it has four constituencies. The names of these constituencies are Alijunied GRC, Ang Mo Kio GRC, Hougang SMC, and Marine Prarade GRC. Constituencies are subdivisions where people practice their electoral rights. They do vote for a representative who then represents their opinions in the parliament. To help manage these big town, there is a town council in each of the constituency that is governed by a mayor. The council is responsible for the neatness of the of town and it also collects taxes from the residents. The taxes that are levied are the ones that are used to manage and keep the town in order. From these, council workers are also paid.

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